Our Team

Shilpi Bhandari (Founder)

Shilpi is an avid reader, a yoga enthusiast and a self confessed health food junkie. Boutique Foods is Shilpi's third and youngest baby. She relies on traditional wisdom for raising her kids and the search for natural and healthy food has always been her passion.

A qualified Chartered Accountant, she has worked across some of the best corporate houses in Mumbai. However, the entrepreneurial bug got the better of her and she decided to make her gustatory impulse drive her business. Being born and brought up in Rajasthan, the millet bowl of India; millets such as sorghum, ragi and bajra were already very well known to her. This was when her journey to offer healthy yet tasty food options began, for the young and old alike. She realized that millets, hitherto labelled as inferior grains due to their low price point, were actually the staple super foods of our ancestors. At Boutique Foods,  she endeavors to create products from these nutri-cereals that would not only be healthy and tasty but also offer a longer shelf life. Nature and nurturing with care continue to be the all important guiding force for her venture. The result is for you to taste, feel and savor.
Bon appetit!

    Purnima Sudarshan (Co-founder)

A qualified Chartered Accountant, Purnima started her career at Kotak Investment Banking  working to raise equity for large corporates. She was also a part of the first Merger & Acquisitions team at Bennett & Coleman group.

As family responsibilities took over, she took a break from the corporate world. This gave her the chance to reconnect with her passions, one of them being food! She was exposed to a number of local cuisines in her childhood, thanks to her fathers frequent postings in the Indian Air Force. This helped her appreciate varied culinary cultures with equal gusto. Like all mothers, Purnima was very mindful of what her family ate. Bringing up her two young children, kept her conscious of the food choices she made for them.

Her quest for healthy and tasty food led to her involvement with Boutique Foods. At Boutique foods, she now leads the sales and marketing effort and aims at continuously improving customer experiences. Bookworm, closet writer, shopaholic and foodie are some words that describe her best. As co-founder at Boutique Foods, she has been able to pursue each of these interests at the same time!