Social Footprint

The team at Boutique Foods believes in constant innovation. We recognise that brands have a certain responsibility towards society and always step up whenever we get the opportunity to contribute towards social causes.

Boutique Foods was born out of the idea of reintroducing millets and other such lost super foods back into Indian households. IPFC@ AIP-ICRISAT has played an important role in the journey of Boutique foods right from its inception. Under the aegis of IPFC, the team came up with a food preparation technology to offer “lactose-free and gluten-free Ready-to-Use Supplementary Foods (RUSF) for moderately and chronically undernourished children” in 2016. Boutique Foods has filed a patent to safeguard this invention.

AIP – ICRISAT has been providing great commercialisation support to start-ups and Entrepreneurs through the vast network it has all over the globe.They have been a catalyst in helping the Boutique foods team to collaborate with Government of Telangana for the “Nutri – Food Basket” Project, to provide affordable smart foods to the tribal population and address the high prevalence of amnesia and malnutrition among them.